What Is The Cure For Economic Leprosy?

Who will people turn to when they are hurting real bad? They will turn to the doctor!

The foolish power elite think that they can control the economy; well, those days are gone!

If the artificially propped up Wall Street can easily flip flop around and plummet 300 points (or more) in a single day just think how receptive the suffering people will be when this chaos intensifies and and gains momentum with yet still over 100 days before the Convention.

The pain can quickly become far more acute, and out of desperation, the message of economic truth will change hearts and minds.

Will the leprosy of interventionism dissolve the skin of the Constitution or will the good doctor shun the interventionists so America can begin to restore its health? I have reason to imagine that by September the prescription for health will be spoken widely throughout the land, person to person, and completely out of the hands of the bribed media. This is another oversight of the power elite - their assumption that we need them to communicate with each other!

As it becomes common knowledge that the politicians and their co-conspirators are lepers we will appropriately deal with them and their treasonous schemes.

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