Who Benefits From The Recession?

Follow the money!

How convenient it must be for the ones who benefit from the recession to be the same ones who cause the recession!

The analogy is the world of parasites and saprophytes. The parasites compensate for their lack of productivity by depleting the resources of its host even to the point of weakening the host and even killing the host. How convenient is this for the saprophytes since they find sustenance in extracting the remaining resources from the dead.

Comparatively, the unproductive (lying and scheming) ego-driven interventionists act as parasites in the political and economic realm. One of the evidences of their malevolent effects is an economic recession. In the most advanced stage of parasitism the economy goes into a depression which is like the onset of death. Into full force move the saprophytic politicians and their nepotistic alliances to arrange for the transfer of wealth into the hands of the ego-driven interventionists.

You see, the ego-driven interventionists cause the recession and they benefit from the recession.

It is our responsibility to reject the parasitic and saprophytic politicians who violate our human rights and property rights by their intervention into the economy. It is our responsibility to expose the parasites and the saprophytes to the bright sunlight of classical liberalism and the principles of Constitutional government and then watch them shrivel and fade away!

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