An Austrian Economics Comment That Was Lost.

This is my commentary and contribution (that was unpublished) to the discussion revolving around the following blog entry: Libertarianism and Cultural Differences
May 30, 2008 7:35 AM by Jeffrey Tucker. It would have been comment #30:

There is no way around it, the condition clearly stated by Guido Hulsmann, "there is nothing the State can do to improve the situation," is correct.

In a recent blog entry I described this in a very similar manner: "The beauty of the philosophy of classical liberalism is the recognition that any politics that creates a State is loathsome."

This is quite the challenge to us (classical liberals) since we have to somehow learn how to merge economics and ethics.

I continued along these lines: "Thus the best system is one that is apolitical which means that the human ego has to be completely removed from the process."

How is that possible?"

That's the "million dollar question." I propose that it is our 'job' and our challenge to answer that question!

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