Cedar Rapids, Iowa Is Ready For Change!

The alternatives are threefold:

1. Massive dependence on money created out of thin air by the Federal government with all the strings attached so the 'social engineers' can make Cedar Rapids into their 'Sims City.'

2. A mixed economy with local government interventionists salivating over the prospect of a 'justified' flood of expanded government intervention requiring increased tax revenues to come from those who were unflooded, to 'rebuild our city.'

3. Create a model classical liberalism city by making Cedar Rapids tax free as the first step. It will be set up as an association and all property will be privately owned.

This blog will be a repository of ideas, concepts and principles that support the philosophy of classical liberalism for the purpose of making Cedar Rapids a model city, worthy of emulation.

Submit your ideas to divineeconomyconsulting@msn.com.