Private Ownership of Streets and Bridges in Cedar Rapids.

As part of making Cedar Rapids a model classical liberalism city all property within the tax-free zone will be designated as private property. The streets and bridges belong to the covenanted community of property owners and they will take care of them.

Two more elements for consideration emerge: a capital fund and the ‘association.’ I will go into more detail about these in future blog entries. Suffice it to say that these private owners of the streets and bridges understand how vital both are to a vibrant and prosperous local economy.

Again, these businesses and residents of the tax-free zone can hire whoever they want, to provide the necessary services. A distinguishing characteristic is that services are only paid for once. There are no fees extracted to subsidize public works. If the owners choose the services of the public works office then they will be paid for their work. If their work is substandard or if it is behind the scheduled completion date they will be treated the same as comparable private firms. Ultimately only the best means for achieving the desired ends will eventually win out.

This degree of efficiency will guarantee that the city remains progressive, attracting capital! Did you see what I just announced? ATTRACTING CAPITAL!

In case you do not know this yet: capital is the most limiting factor in the economy, without any doubt and without any other factor even close to being as important! And what we see is that private ownership of streets and bridges and their efficient caretaking attracts capital.

No certain type of bureaucracy, no special type of government can do anything comparable to private ownership. Capital flows in freely, without gimmicks or redistribution of wealth schemes.

I hope the light bulb has gone on in your mind!