A Tax Free Cedar Rapids!

All property within the flood affected area needs to be proclaimed to be tax-free! Implied in this decree is that all property will be designated as private property. There are buildings and property that currently are regarded as public property belonging to the City, the County, and Federal. These can, for the time being, remain public but may return to private hands when the private services out-compete the public services. This is a certainty since there will no longer be services that are subsidized by tax revenues; unfairly competing with private services.

All businesses and residents in the tax-free zone (which eventually can easily be expanded beyond the flooded area to encompass all of the city of Cedar Rapids) will have the option of choosing private services instead of public services. Either way there will be fees charged by private businesses or by the public works office for those services. Those who choose private services will not have to pay any amount at all towards those particular public works services. Then only the best means for achieving the desired ends will eventually win out.

As part of the covenant to set up the tax-free zone all property owners will be required to abide by standards of conduct that pertain to a healthy and aesthetic environment. Property owners can hire private services or public services to assure that the standards set for the tax-free zone are met.

The next entry will look into private ownership of the streets and bridges.

This blog will be a repository of ideas, concepts and principles that support the philosophy of classical liberalism for the purpose of making Cedar Rapids a model city, worthy of emulation.

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