Underground Economy Versus Socialism/Interventionism.

Socialism is crumbling. It is being undermined at every corner.

As always, the unrealistic restrictions created by socialism and then imposed upon the economy fosters the development of an underground economy that skirts the parasitic and predatory practices of the interventionists. The more oppressive the socialism the more expansive the underground economy.

At least 8% of the population in America are seriously convinced that the philosophy of classical liberalism is the only true direction, as enunciated clearly and definitely in the U.S. Constitution. Most of these individuals are well-educated and self-motivated and willing to educate and motivate others! Additionally, a large proportion of these individuals are young and are determined to change the future.

In the waning stages of socialism the underground economy will be recognized as the only vigorous part of the economy and this will reinforce the educational aspect of the classical liberalism movement to the point where the empty skeleton of socialistic intervention will crumble into a heap and be left behind as the carcass of a burdensome beast.

The beauty of the philosophy of classical liberalism is the recognition that any politics that creates a State is loathsome. Thus the best system is one that is apolitical which means that the human ego has to be completely removed from the process.

How is that possible? Ethics of the Divine Economy hints at how that is possible.

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