Usurped Moral Authority.

The two great forces in human life have the same affliction. Both economics and religion are in a quagmire of usurped moral authority!

It is the same evil behind the usurpation of both economics and religion. The motivating impulse behind this usurpation is the manifestation of the ego, not the good type of ego associated with knowledge of oneself, but rather its alter-ego which takes form as an ego-driven interventionist or as an ego-driven interpreter.

Neither of these are good. Both are satanic in nature and are the cause of human strife and degradation.

There is moral authority but it does not reside in any of the man-made institutions. In economics the moral authority resides in the subjectivism of human action and the inherent search for truth that defines the human being. The force of equilibrium is not man-made. Human civilization fulfillment comes from a free market economy and the naturally virtuous nature of humans when they live in a state of liberty and justice.

In religion moral authority comes from the Covenant of God which has been lost to the minds of men precisely because of the interpretation by those who have usurped moral authority. But again what comes to the rescue is the inherent nature of humans to search after truth. The Covenant of God exists and it is in tact and full of divine power and it is readily discoverable.

For the independent investigation of truth to regain its function - to purge away errors - the destructiveness of intervention and interpretation must become common knowledge. Those who are ego-driven need to be exposed as charlatans since, in reality, they have no moral authority.

Once freed from these horrible afflictions economics and religion will harmoniously bring about peace, prosperity, liberty, unity and justice. It is our moral duty to remove the false pretenses of the ego-driven.

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