Why Is Habeas Corpus Under Attack?

When the philosophy of classical liberalism was pushed into the background by the Protestant Reformation the western civilization entered into the era of relative justice.

Today the institutions that are supposed to be the foundation of justice are nothing more than man-made, error-based hotbeds of relative justice that are extremely vulnerable to corruption - political corruption and moral corruption.

Liberty is one of the litmus tests for justice and it is easy to see what a failure our system of justice is. Virtually every decision made by these moribund institutions screams of relativism and corruption.

That does not mean that justice does not exist. It means that you will not find it in the institutions or the societies that emerged from the depravity of the Protestant Reformation relativism that pushed classical liberalism into obscurity.

If you seek justice, I mean sincerely seek justice, you can find it in a pure form. After all, these are special times! One very good place to start is ETHICS of the Divine Economy.

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