Would Tim Russert Like To Redo His Ron Paul Interview?

Maybe the untimely death of Tim Russert will serve as a wake-up call to the other journalists who are compromising the standard of journalistic ethics for the sake of the power elite who could care less about you leaving a legacy of principled service.

Would Tim Russert wish to redo his interview with Ron Paul? Would he have rather facilitated the flow of knowledge about the beauty of our Constitutional Republic than to have deliberately distracted the viewing audience with journalistic antics?

Time is short.

Hear me all you journalists who put your ambition above your ethics. Either serve those who are trying to usurp the Constitutional Republic and be forgotten (or if dug up in history, regarded poorly) or stand strong and practice journalism in a way that is worthy of your profession.

If you cannot discern the difference between corrupted and partisan news reporting versus covering principled and meritorious newsworthy stories then you are a journalistic failure no matter how much acclaim you receive from typical sources.

Time is short so don’t waste it being a court jester for the kings without clothes. Rather, be bold enough to tell everyone that these emperors do not have on any clothes!

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