Bernanke Admits That Inflation Is A Tax!

OK, Ben Bernanke admits that inflation is a tax during the Congressional Committee on Financial Services on July 16th, 2008. Where is it in the Constitution that the Federal Reserve has the right to tax?

Once you go to the Constitution you will find that there is no Constitutional basis for the existence of the Federal Reserve.

When I make mention in my blogs of the unConstitutional coup that has its grip around the throat of America it is now clear that the Federal Reserve and its institutional structure is a significant part of that unConstitutional coup.

How do we foil the coup? An important step is to cut off its head by eliminating the Federal Reserve System.

Are the members of Congress too cowardly or too corrupt to do what needs to be done to preserve our Constitutional Republic? If so, would that not make them collaborators or traitors?

Call them traitors and collaborators if that is what they are. Contact them and tell them that you will do your best to make everyone aware of their treachery.

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