Economic Blowback!

Why do the warmongers and the interventionists have to learn the hard way? Actually they are not even learning from their mistakes yet; because they control the minds of the people.

We are all looking forward to the time (coming soon!) when the people will shake off the shackles of false media reporting and propagandistic education, which will also be the time when the negative consequences (blowback) from warmongering and economic intervention will be exactly pinpointed on their foreheads and irrefutably used as evidence of their crimes.

Blowback is now a word in the lexicon that describes how the imperialistic occupation of Muslim countries by the U.S.-based warmongers causes extremists to want to do harm to America and Americans.

The economic analogy is the blowback manifesting itself as a financial collapse and the bankruptcy of the dollar-based economy in the U.S. The ego-driven interventionists have created a system of exploitation that resembles a house of cards. Beware lest the tickle of the fallacious schemes of the ego-driven interventionists causes the economy to sneeze (blowback)!

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