Economic Hurricane Preparation!

If you turned on the TV and saw the radar showing a massive storm barreling towards where you live and heard the forecasters telling everyone to diligently prepare, what would you do?
You would prepare for the brunt of the storm and you would prepare for the aftermath, the long, slow and painstaking period of deprivation.

The quickly vanishing mirage of U.S. financial strength is on the radar! To prepare for the brunt of the storm do what Doug Casey suggests: Reduce your standard of living immediately and greatly increase your savings in real assets like gold. Seek out the few and far between financial analysts who understand and appreciate Austrian economics, like Peter Schiff (EuroPacific Capital) for example.

Then be ready to adjust to vastly different patterns of production and consumption and employment. People helping people and businesses facilitating that will be the keys to recovery.

The best outcome of the hurricane will be the stripping off of the masks from the ego-driven interventionists so that everyone can see them for who they really are - parasites!

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