It Must Begin With Trust In God.

This condition - trust in God - is important and enriching both in good times and bad. But what has happened is the substitution of a false belief in place of the trust in God. That false belief is reliance and dependence on government.

And so creating a classical liberalism city is a major step in the right direction since the classical liberalism philosophy already recognizes the virtues of limited government. Rightfully, government is restricted to protecting persons and property from violence and fraud. It has no role in the economy.

Trust in God is the fabric that holds everything together in good times. Once it becomes replaced with dependence on government the system deteriorates into a two-class system; the politically connected and the politically unconnected.

In bad times it is the trust in God that causes all the random acts of kindness which amaze and inspire everyone. This is the source of unlimited sustenance. When trust in God becomes secondary to reliance on government it comes with a big price. All of the sudden there are limitations in many forms and people begin to vie with each other.

The message here is that classical liberalism allows freedom and prosperity without some parasitic class siphoning off increasing portions of wealth to grow the tumor of socialism.

The message here is that all wounds heal and that trust in God is the most potent healer. It cannot be replaced with the bandages of favoritism, nepotism, political showmanship, or ego-driven interventionism. Disunity and paternalistic regulation hamper the recovery.

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