The Magnetism of the Model Classical Liberalism City.

As I mentioned in my last blog entry it is the Association of the private owners of property in the model classical liberalism city that ‘acts to attract capital by making the City a place where people want to come to visit, and shop, and do business and leisure.’ There are no artificial boundaries necessary since all property rights and human rights are protected by clear definitions, ones that are continually refined to keep up with changes in technology.

Once these artificial boundaries are discarded the concept of world citizenship and international free trade become clearly relevant to a City that wants to be a place where people want to come to visit, and shop, and to do business and leisure. All the benefits from the international division of labor around the world find welcoming arms in a City earnestly seeking ways to bring sustainable prosperity to the property owners.

There are no reasons to construct trade barriers since the Association covenant defines the requirements necessary to protect the integrity and aesthetics of the activities in the City. As a result this City quickly becomes recognized as a free trade zone with reasonable customs to be respected (the covenant).

The owners of property in the model classical liberalism city benefit directly from the flow of people and capital that migrate to this haven of non-coercive economics. There is no limit to the amount of prosperity that will continually flow from the laissez-faire approach implemented by the Association and wholeheartedly desired by the property owners.

At some point the City will have to do one of two things to overcome the physical limitations of its original boundary. More property lying outside the original privately owned City can be purchased and the City can expand its boundary in that way.

Or nearby cities can decide to emulate this model classical liberalism city and gradually restructure themselves so that they are completely private. Then the flow or overflow (maybe a more accurate description) of prosperous activity can continue in that same region and take advantage of the infrastructure already being used in and around the model classical liberalism city. That model city can be Cedar Rapids if the socialistic tendencies resulting from improper education can be overcome!

This blog will be a repository of ideas, concepts and principles that support the philosophy of classical liberalism for the purpose of making Cedar Rapids a model city, worthy of emulation.

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