Money Laundering Through Freddie and Fannie!

It sounds like a gangster operation! Combine that with counterfeiting, and paying off politicians, and all kinds of coercive measures, and surely it is true that we are talking about a mafia-like operation.

Imagine printing money at phenomenal rates, pumping it into the economy by going directly into the hands of your buddies to enrich them, and then creating a ‘GSE’ to launder the money throughout the domestic economy. Meanwhile, the imperialist exploits around the world serve as the money laundering operation outside the U.S.

How convenient to bribe Americans by playing to their sense of pride by singing the ‘American dream is to own a home’ song. Home ownership is the end of this money laundering pipeline where all the money flows, as the dirty laundry of the ego-driven interventionists is being laundered.

And now everyone is waking up to find that the laundry was filthy and what came out of the pipe was unclean and not able to support a household.

All the blame for these economic disasters rests firmly with the ego-driven interventionists who are staging an unConstitutional coup. Sooner or later the money launderers are going to try to pin the blame on the minions printing the money but they are merely doing the bidding of their overlords.

The orchestrators of the unConstitutional coup are the ones we need to bring to justice.

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