Obesity And Starvation!

What does obesity mean? It means the same as starvation!

Never has there been such an absurd statement!

Obesity and starvation are both symptoms and signs of the same disease! Whoa, another absurd statement!

The same underlying illness is socialism. When there are natural resources aplenty but the attitudes developed in people as a result of the education system (and influenced by the government-controlled media) are focused on reliance on government, as is the case in a socialistic system, then the outcome is a population with an obesity problem.

When there are less natural resources or an even more oppressively-run government and people have no alternative but to rely on the government for their means of sustenance (because property rights have been abolished) then the outcome is starvation.

Someone might then object to this hypothesis by saying, “But look at America - the land of democracy - and you see an obesity explosion.” This is one of the proofs that the United States is a socialistic nation. It has adopted almost every one of the planks of the Socialist Party of the 1920’s. So, instead of disqualifying the hypothesis it verifies it.

Of course the stated goal of bringing obesity or starvation to everyone’s attention is to take some active steps to get rid of the problem. In America that means exposing and then ousting the unConstitutional coup which sits behind the scenes controlling the media and the education system. It means rejecting the politicians that serve them. Politically it means rejecting the single political party that calls itself by two names, Democrat and Republican. They are both fronts for the socialistic fascists who are the power elites but who are the real enemy of human health.

For prosperity, liberty, and the elimination of obesity and starvation we have to purge away the cause of the diseases. Get rid of the socialists worldwide by applying the healthful prescription - the philosophy of classical liberalism.

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