The Beginnings of the Righteous Classical Liberalism Society.

Being a blind sycophant has its repercussions!

The servile nations who accepted the fiat dollar as the world currency have emboldened the power elite who are directing the unConstitutional coup in the United States that intends to spread its totalitarian designs worldwide. Or at least that is their hope and lust.

However, they have underestimated the power of the equilibrium forces at work in the world that will flick their disease-infested interventionism away like a tiny gnat or pest. It is far, far greater than their puny minds can conceive!

And they have underestimated the sweetness of the taste of liberty and the remarkable power of a true statesman. Ron Paul, a humble and virtuous and scholarly man has earned the credentials of a statesman and he can, potentially, wipe away the crud of the lying and scheming ego-driven interventionists with a single swipe if he is given a moment of free press.

Fully aware and trembling the usurpers of the Constitution are scrambling around trying to bribe and threaten all media outlets into compliance with their censorship. When the little leaks which are springing up here and there in the dike-of-Ron-Paul-news-suppression soften their corrupt dike’s foundation, then change will come rapidly. The flood of truth will uncover the possibilities of the righteous classical liberalism civilization.

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