'Blowback' From the Movie 'I.O.U.S.A.'

How do you think fallacious economics and scheming politicians succeed in fooling people?

Half-truths are used as the bait and once the people nibble the ego-driven interventionists attempt to set the hook! What good, then, are all those who become fish-out-of-water?

We have access, thanks to Ron Paul and the Mises Institute, to the principles of classical liberalism and economics based on the correct methodology of subjectivism. We know that the unConstitutional coup has control of the media and that they will use half-truths to try to undermine the message of liberty and justice offered to everyone by the one true statesman - Ron Paul.

We also know that the unConstitutional coup is feeling desperate and that they are really fools so it is very possible that their attempt to bamboozle the public will backfire. The 'blowback' from I.O.U.S.A. may very well be a more alert populace seeking answers. All of the sudden the unConstitutional coup will have to intensify their clampdown on media coverage of anything associated with Ron Paul, so much so that even more people will wake up and revolt against their totalitarian measures.

It's like what Ron Paul said "the genie is out of the bottle!"

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