The Classical Liberalism Debate Requires A New Perspective.

A classical liberalism society is one where information flows most rapidly, more than any other system since other systems permit finite human minds to intervene in a world that is far more complex than can be comprehended.

Sure there will be some who make choices that are poor (for example, numbing one’s senses by taking opiates) but since information will more quickly reach everyone in a classical liberalism society even the worst case snapshot in time will be far improved over an imposed-morality-through-interventionism snapshot in time.

The current debate is limited because the 'ideal' of a classical liberalism society is itself beyond the comprehension of minds that have been programmed to think objectively!

When minds are permitted to think subjectively then the debate will be fully endowed and easily won. A classical liberalism society is far superior to any of the interventionist types.

How will we get to a classical liberalism society? There are many pathways. Here is one:
If there is a strong enough undertow of classical liberalism (thanks to the Mises Institute and Ron Paul) even the collapse of the U.S. economy would be 'good news.'

As described by Hans Hoppe, competition between States or regions is far superior to a monopolistic State. As a variant of secession, different States or regions will quickly recognize that practicing classical liberalism is magnetic, attracting capital. The true entrepreneurial spirit will migrate there and the processes of prosperity will attract the allegiance of those who live there, which all the other States will want to emulate.

So instead of this current bureaucratic, fascist version of socialism constructed by the unConstitutional coup - which is claiming for itself the name 'United States of America' - the ‘good news’ would be the prosperity of classical liberalism States, freed from the errors and corruption of the ego-driven interventionists.

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