The ‘Forced Development’ Of Socialism.

What comes to your mind if I mention the following words: forced development?

Sure, things are coordinated but from what source? Is the plan of one ego-driven interventionist better than another. Which ego-driven interventionist prevails? All of the sudden it is a power grab to be the one who makes the plans as if the people affected by such intervention all wholeheartedly accept how the intervention affects their lives. The power grab inevitably invites corruption into the process and this corruption is combined with the ego-driven intervention resulting a nasty form of materialism.

How can this possibly be a good thing?

Well, economics is the study of the means to attain the ends. One means is forced development. An alternative means is the natural process that simply takes place in a classical liberalism society.

Determining the ends is also significant. When the end is a classical liberalism society then respect and trustworthiness do not get thrown out the window. When the ends is the vain imagining of the ego-driven interventionist then 'whatever it takes' is the name of the game.

Ultimately the 'forced development' creates massive conflict as powerful ego-driven interventionists find themselves up against other ego-driven interventionists, for example in the United States the rhetoric of the plunderers known as Republicans versus the rhetoric of the plunderers known as Democrats.

When development occurs naturally and in accordance with the principles of classical liberalism there is a free flow of information that serves to create an ever-advancing civilization without the scourge of the ego-driven.

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