How Despicable Is The UnConstitutional Coup?

With things unraveling at such a fast pace the desperation of the overlords - the usurpers of the Constitutional Republic that we call America - is forcing them to act despicably. Using all of their influence over the media they are trying to paint a picture of the world that justifies their reckless measures to hold onto power. Their worldwide hegemony is slipping away and all they know how to do is to act with threats of violence, endangering everyone in the United States and in the world, for that matter.

The unConstitutional coup is the real threat of terrorism.

Since the lies promulgated by the unConstitutional coup about the need to bomb Iran followed too closely the lies used to justify bombing Iraq - stirring significant resistance - it became imperative to find another way to use war to subdue the growing discontent.

A new lie - with a history easily distorted by the neocons - came to the surface after a proxy (for the self-appointed world government through totalitarianism, in other words, the unConstitutional coup) who headed the dubiously ‘independent’ Georgia invaded Russia. A Russian response to this provocative invasion was all that was needed for the worldwide media propaganda to kick in. A villain with all the baggage of Cold War rhetoric now captures the imagination of the unConstitutional coup.

Who cares about the lives that will be destroyed by the wars? To the unConstitutional coup this is their ticket to totalitarian control of the U.S. and (hopefully) to the world.

Notice the media coverage and the hype.

What is the counterattack to this brand of terrorism exercised by the unConstitutional coup? Do not submit to their propaganda coming from any of the sources and spreading out like tentacles in an attempt to poison the minds and hearts of trusting people everywhere. Be aware of who the enemy is and shun its abominable lust after power.

The ego-driven interventionists will send every young man and women into the battlefield to die just so they can hold onto power.

Our Constitution has the power to destroy them but we have to fight to keep the Constitution alive and well in the hearts and minds of Americans. If we succeed then that will be the great gift of America to the world. Will we be able to help America attain its destiny of promulgating peace and establishing the appreciation for the oneness of mankind?

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