The UnConstitutional Coup In America Lusts After The World.

Since the unConstitutional coup has no moral responsibility to any rule of law it will destroy anything and everything to satisfy its ego-driven interventionism.

It has hand-picked its spokespersons and is in a position of control of not only the news media in America but worldwide.

It is feeling the heat of the Ron Paul revolution and realizes that it needs to quickly secure all news sources lest the people of the world wake up to their lying and traitorous schemes for totalitarianism.

It will use the Olympics in China as a smoke screen to extend its flames into new regions and hope that these new conflagrations will be alarming enough to merit news coverage by the bribed and scripted news outlets put into place by the unConstitutional coup.

Not only do Americans have to worry about this unConstitutional coup, which is designed to destroy the Constitutional Republic in America, but the whole world is their stage and they are set to annihilate the rule of law in each and every country.

They are fools - ignorant of equilibrium forces and ignorant of the indomitable human spirit. But, at the same time, now is the time for action to expose their schemes and to trumpet classical liberalism as the peaceful and prosperous alternative.