Bailout Bullying Will Fail!

The invasion of Iran became too politically unpopular. The invasion of Georgia was not even feasible since the bankrupcy was on the doorstep. These were the diversionary tactics to maintain status quo.

It (the economic whirlpool) came upon them too fast and furious because they really are clueless. They really do not realize the overwhelming power and sweeping force of the market!

As a last resort they fell back on their unConstitutional practices of circumventing Congress and the people, thinking that their propaganda and their media control and the generational indoctrination would hold back any opposition to their vulgar scheme.

Enter Ron Paul and the revolution! He made it obviously ridiculous and politically impossible to 'Bomb, bomb, bomb; Bomb bomb Iran!'

The CIA-trained Georgian troops directed by a puppet of the U.S. Empire to secure an oil pipeline and start a new Cold War did not escape those alert to the wicked deeds of the interventionists. And our hero Ron Paul spoke about it on a national platform.

Pop! The bubble burst and all the hot air of malinvestment and overconsumption whooshed out while the dumbfounded Keynesians conjured up their plan of theft and deceipt.

Again Ron Paul and his army of classical liberalism champions rebuffed the blatant mugging by the power elite. The voice of the people is rising and soon even the deaf, dumb (I am not talking about muteness), and blind Congress will feel its vibrations. Ultimately they will do what they are supposed to do or lose in the next election! The Campaign For Liberty is exercising its muscles and those muscles are significant.

Will the untrustworthy ones be able to convince anyone? Bullying will be their only option but let me remind the unConstitutional coup that the muscles of the Campaign For Liberty are significant!

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