Congress, The UnConstitutional Coup Is In Your Midst!

Let's compare track records

You (Bernanke) have now decided that the economy may be in a recession and you are worried about a return of a depression. How many days ago (or weeks at most) did you finally admit that there was a recession. Did you know about it earlier but just lied to Congress?

Ron Paul, on the other hand, has been warning about exactly what we are experiencing for 30 years and about five years ago he specifically identified the actions that precipitated this bursting of the bubble. He has been forthright with the Congress and the American people. Ron Paul has also been your greatest critic even though he sincerely tried to educate you about the errors of your ways.

Based on these records of credibility why should we believe you (Bernanke) when you say that we should take money (in the form of hyperinflation) from the taxpayers to bail out Wall Street simply because they cooperated with the counterfeiting operation of the Federal Reserve?

Instead citizens should be confident that the principles of classical liberalism that underlie our Constitution clearly guide us to identify the bailout as an act of treason since it just gives more power to the unConstitutional coup.

Bernanke serves the unConstitutional coup as a figurehead. Why would anyone believe a word he says based on his track record?

Paulson is actually one of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup. There, right in front of Congress, sits a kingpin of the unConstituional coup and they do nothing! Seize the economic terrorist and find out who are the other members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup!

Do your job Congress! May God grant you the courage to defend the Constitution.

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