A Constitutional Vice President!

Ponder the Constitutional importance of the Vice President:

“The Vice President has the Constitutional duty to preside over the Senate as its president!” Wow! Now that would be a very significant position for someone who insisted that the Constitution be obeyed!

I am hoping that Ron Paul will announce next week in Washington at the National Press Club that he will be the vice presidential candidate for Bob Barr with the wholehearted support of the Constitutional Party.

This new and broad-based coalition would be impossible to exclude from the debates ahead and if the outcome does happen to be a victory then Ron Paul would be the greatest vice president and the greatest president of the Senate ever.

Not to mention his other role as the principal consultant to the President in restoring the Constitutional Republic.

Unity in liberty will easily defeat the bickering interventionists.

For more information go to http://www.divineeconomyconsulting.com/ .