Divine Economy Theorist Disagrees With The Economists Who Favor Bailouts.

Sure if you talk to only those in a small circle of friends you will get a similar response or if you talk to someone who is a member of the same ideological club you will get a similar response. There is nothing unusual or newsworthy in this, you would think. But if the media is controlled by an unConstitutional coup that wants to keep all dissenting thoughts hidden then you will see the kind of reporting that is done by the Associated Press.

I am an economist. I am the founder of a new economic theory firmly grounded in classical liberalism that is far more cohesive and dynamic and insightful than any referenced or consulted upon by these ‘so-called’ economists!

And guess what? There is nothing acceptable or necessary about these bailouts. The problem in the first place is economic interventionism. It is idiotic to think that more economic interventionism will make things better.

Shame on Associated Press for abandoning the principles behind ‘free press’ to become a perpetrator of propaganda, making itself a co-conspirator with the unConstitutional coup.
Next time at least accurately title your “news.” This should have been your title: “Ego-Driven Interventionists See Financial Bailout As Necessary” instead of “Economists see financial bailout as necessary.”

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