Hopeful Signs Of ‘We The People!’

When the members of Congress have to pause and wonder whether they should vote the opposite of their constituents or in congruence with them then you know something is happening!

How would they even know how their constituents feel since the citizens are kept in the dark by the media (that serves the unConstitutional coup). Additionally all legislation is massive and piled full of jargon and oozing with bribes of all sorts to fund all sorts of political schemes.

Usually a few platitudes or weak cries for representation is all the members of Congress hear. Usually the members of Congress simply carry on, business as usual, by aligning themselves with the special interests that will give them the most prestige or campaign contributions.

The bailout vote demonstrated the change that is occurring, thanks to the Ron Paul revolution.

(From now on) Instead, educated (seekers after truth who get their information somewhere other than mainstream media) voters wrote and called their ‘representatives’ and told them how to vote and told them why and told them that their vote will be closely watched and told them that their wish to be re-elected is dependent on the voters not the funds of the special interests! As a result members of Congress paused and pondered.

Reminding the members of Congress that they have to be elected first, then they have to take the oath of office, and then they will be held accountable. It is their sworn duty to uphold and protect the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.

‘We the people’ will declare them as domestic enemies of the Constitution if they do the bidding of the unConstitutional coup. Disgraced and shunned these traitors will be replaced by principled individuals who understand the philosophy of classical liberalism.

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