How To Test The Politician’s Claim Of Change.

What is the existing system? An adequate description of the current system is Keynesianism. Now finally, in a real sense, Keynesian economics can contribute something of value!

We can use Keynesian economics as the key to our analysis. If any politician makes the claim that he (she) stands for change then our test is to see if they recommend practicing Keynesian economics or not. If they use fancy rhetoric and creatively play with words to emphasize their claim of ‘change’ but in reality they espouse Keynesianism then they are a candidate of status quo not change.

The quick test is the ’change’ away from a central bank and a fiat currency. These are fraudulent institutions inherent in Keynesianism. So how can a claim of change be anything other than lies from a politician since status quo is their real objective?

If the candidate cannot even pass the quick test it is certain that all of the other stances will be Keynesian also, just like all the rest of the ego-driven interventionists that have been in positions of influence for generations. These false claims of change mean that these candidates will just perpetuate the immorality of the unConstitutional coup.

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