Missourians! Flex Your Missouri States Rights!

On October 2nd the Vice Presidential debate will be at Washington University in St. Louis but it is really just part of the ploy of the unConstitutional coup, using its propaganda arm known as the Commission on Presidential Debates . These debates are exclusive of any candidates who are not a part of the two-headed, one-party system that perpetuates the objectives of the unConstitutional coup.

Where is the ‘show me’ spirit of the Missourians? In Missouri of all places all the vice presidential candidates from all of the parties should be showing what they have to offer.

Now it is more obvious than ever before that the two-headed, one-party system - variously called Democrat or Republican - is really more of the same. The immoral support of the bailout is common to both of these pawns of the unConstitutional coup but the ‘third party’ candidates would be able to show something different to everyone (as an appropriate tribute to the ‘Show Me’ spirit in Missouri).

Response? Show Me!

The only way that that will happen is if the people of Missouri demand it. How can Missourians tolerate the imposition of the opposite of “Show Me” by the unConstitutional coup? Where is the spirit of secession that will protect Missouri from this assault and insult?

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