"No Recession" Said The Buffoon!

How short the memory of the investigative reporters and the 'experts' and Congress!

"The data does not show that we are in a recession'" said the buffoon. "Send it to the media outlets," said the reporter (hoping to be noticed by the overlords for dutifully reporting a half-truth).

It was half true! The data (of the fallacious empirical economists) actually did not show the recession! Guess whose numbers were being looked at!

So why aren't the idiots (Bernanke and Paulson, for example) ridiculed? Why aren't the liars (Bernanke and Paulson, for example) held accountable?

Congress has the shortest memory of all since it sits before these 'experts' and, by all indications, regards them as experts. Buffoons, all of them (except the lone statesman, Ron Paul).

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