Rubber Legged U.S. Imperialism.

Another good thing that is happening in the world with the U.S. empire becoming rubber legged: the ability to prevent gold prices from adjusting to its true market price is weakening.

This is another example of what I refer to as birthpangs. What appears to be very painful is actually very promising. The pains associated with the obsolete (criminal is more accurate than obsolete) being discarded give the appearance of disaster. That is only half of the story.

When the birth occurs and gold is released as a commodity money into this new and wondrous world of the love of liberty and justice, then the classical liberalism civilization infant will nurse from the great basis of knowledge that has come down through the ages (refer to the great sample of this knowledge base on the website) and will start to walk and then to run, and then mature and have offspring! The offspring are the classical liberalism societies that are all a part of the classical liberalism civilization.

The ego-driven interventionists and the ego-driven interpreters have no role in this classical liberalism civilization. They are regarded as either delusional or criminal. Of course they are powerless and therefore basically harmless.

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