The UnConstitutional Coup Exposes Its Inner Circle.

The unConstitutional coup is scared! It now has its own representative, the lame duck Treasury Secretary, taking on powers that few Presidents had in the past. Of course the actions taken by one of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup completely circumvents 'we the people.'

But now the veils are falling away and we are finding out who they are! It is no longer just a mysterious 'unConstitutional coup' but it is a circle of individuals. Paulson is one of them. Bernanke is an underling.

Who are the other traitors? Let's find out who they are and tell our fellow Americans (you know, the wakened and wakening citizens of the Constitutional Republic). Let's find out where they live and where they frequent so we can see how they are using the counterfeited money that they are stealing and embezzling.

Soon not only will the unConstitutional coup entity be scared but the individuals who are part of the inner circle will start to lose sleep and worry about what is going to happen to them when the patriots of America find out who usurped our beloved Constitution.

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