Why Expect A Boom After Freddie And Fannie Nationalization?

It is like a bribe. Knowing that there is bribery involved in the exchanges taking place will not bolster confidence, nor result in stability.

The ego-driven interventionists practice counterfeiting as their monetary policy; and they use coercion to extract taxes to redistribute the wealth throughout their system of cronyism; and they use unethically ambitious media pawns to disperse their propaganda of half-truths; and they use indoctrination in an education system that has a curriculum controlled by the government.

So these are the practices that are supposed to make us feel prosperous!

These are the acts of tyrants and there is no way that these will boost the economy. Nationalization of Fannie and Freddie is more of the same, and the associated propaganda to sell this violation of the market processes is more of the same.

Are these ego-driven interventionists on the hopeless path of totalitarian control of the economy? They are desperate fools and would go that route - if they could - but people are waking up and are about to put an end to their unConstitutional coup!

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