Banks In All States Can Say "No!!!!!!!!"

When the right of secession by States is rekindled in the most alert and most productive enterprises (as evidenced by the banks that 'kept their houses in order') then resistance and the discovery of alternatives will spark the revolutionary act of securing trustworthiness (which means becoming severed from the unethical and corrupt schemes of the unConstitutional coup).

Secession by States is one of the most potent elements of our Constitutional Republic and the unConstitutional coup will act like Lincoln when faced with its rising tide. But not to worry, the unConstitutional coup is bankrupt!

Soon the unConstitutional coup will be wiped off the books as will the bogus numbers kept by its corrupt keepers of its accounts - the Treasury and the Federal Reserve. Purged of the deceitfulness of the interventionists our Constitutional Republic will create an environment that will nurture working and saving, guaranteeing its way back to prosperity!

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