Coordinated Central Banks Come To The Surface For Air!

Today (10/8/08) the secretive agreements among the central banks that serve as the basis of world monetary hegemony came to the surface (for air!). Two things are apparent: 1). The unConstitutional coup in the U.S. is fearful of drowning in its own cesspool, 2). The U.S. dominated world bank already exists and is the monster behind all the wars designed to weaken any and all rival monetary systems.

After sucking in some air (in the form of the propaganda that a coordinated system of central banks is good for the world) the beast went back under the water of secrecy. Oh how sweet the vulnerablitity of the mammal in need of air, with all of its sucking and unweaned offspring!

The next time it surfaces the waves of the cries for liberty will gag the oxygen deprived behemoth. As its members flail (We know who one of the members of the unConstitutional coup is - Paulson) the waves of liberty become as one large purging wave which casts the scum of the earth (the ego-driven interventionists) on the shore to rot while the ocean currents regain their equilibrium.

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