Counterfeit Capital Cannot Save U.S. Financial Institutions.

This is an example of one absurdity on top of another.

First it is absurd to talk about capital (when it does not exist in real terms) by referring to credit created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve. This illusion of using mirrors and flashing lights is what is being touted as the elixir for the perishing monetary system.

The second absurdity piled on top of the first one is the bureaucracy created to process those 'participants' who feel coerced or desperate enough to opt for nationalization of their private entity. The summary steps described by Paulson (who is the quickest link to finding out who all belongs to the unConstitutional coup) in his 20 October, 2008 statement will take on horrific bureaucratic dimensions, there can be no doubt.

The irony is that these massive disincentives will make the influx of counterfeit 'capital' a monumental failure, which will mean that the unConstitutional coup will have to rachet up its coercive measures. The unConstitutional coup will become more and more visible - as targets of ridicule and scorn.

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