Economic Ignorance Undermines Prosperity.

On October 18th the headline on the first page of the Gazette was “Big money from FEMA.” This is what the politicians have all proclaimed as a good thing, as part of the charade to make it appear that they are being productive.

When the ‘Big money’ flows into the area what will happen? With regards production - more units of goods cannot be squeezed out of what is physically available, so in essence there are the same number of goods but there are more dollars chasing those same goods. Demand increases while supply is fixed which means prices will go up! Our thanks goes to the politicians who add nothing to production but who intensify inflation.

Additionally FEMA gets its money from the federal government - the biggest debtor in the history of the world. Where does it get its money? The Federal Reserve prints it up and the effect is the exactly the same as counterfeiting. Printing up dollars out of thin air makes the dollar worth less which means its purchasing power diminishes which is the definition of inflation. Who is vigorously bringing this funny money into our area thereby intensifying inflation? The politicians who are trying to make a name for themselves at our expense.

It is a shame that the U.S. political system simply generates politicians who know only socialism and fascism and pretend that it is economics. For example, every single representative from Iowa voted to bail out Wall Street.

Vote against status quo.

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