Nobel Prize For Wackonomics!

So there we have it:
This year's Nobel Prize for Wackonomics goes to Paul Krugman.

That award (so-named) would be acceptable and even expected. But instead we have the profession of economics degradingly drug through the slime and stench of pseudoscience, resulting in a declaration of Paul Krugman as the Nobel Laureate in Economics for 2008.

I guess there is a silver lining. It is clear and evident that the economy is dying from the mistreatments administered by the economic charlatans. This chronic illness has reached a feverish and life-threatening condition all around the world in 2008 because of the total idiocy of the 'economists' that are 'distinguished.'

Who better to receive the Nobel Prize in 2008 than Paul Krugman, the single-most idiotic of all economic spokespersons! No wonder we are in an econommic meltdown! Paul Krugman's economics is wackonomics and it is toxic.

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