Ron Paul Rings the Liberty Bell on MSNBC!

The remarkable and humble statesman and Congressman from Texas - Ron Paul - was given a tremendous platform on MSNBC. A few questions were asked around compliments and then Dr. Paul was allowed to speak freely.

His message of true change rang out like the Liberty Bell to those listening for liberty.

Although couched in the program as a statement about the future of the GOP, Ron Paul spoke about Constitutional government which is the last thing that the GOP arm of the unConstitutional coup will be discussing any time soon.

The battlelines are very clear and Ron Paul is ready and able to command the forces of liberty against the weary and defeated and corrupt neo-conservatives.

The unConstitutional coup knows that its GOP arm is about to be severed, and is probably scheming to cause some major disruption in an attempt to sacrifice its 'liberal' arm to try to keep its other arm from lying quivering on the ground.

Political puppets still are at the mercy of their overlords but can the unConstitutional coup withstand the wrath of the people if it exposes itself as a election-fixing hierarchy?

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