UnConstitutional Coup Is Like Kudzu!

The Federal government launched a massive promotional campaign for Kudzu leading to 1.2 million hectares of kudzu planted by 1946 with farmers being paid $20 per hectare to plant it!

Now to the analogy! The first ‘kudzu plant of the unConstitutional coup’ was planted by Alexander Hamilton, the archenemy of Thomas Jefferson who betrayed the American Revolution. That seed germinated and produced more seeds that germinated as the Whig party of Henry Clay.

The next crop of seeds of the kudzu of the unConstitutional coup germinated in the 1860’s with the National Currency Acts and with the direct attack on States rights.

The next crop germinated in 1913 with the institutionalization of the unconstitutional federal reserve system and the federal income tax. At this point it was climbing over everything and beginning to choke out all the ‘native plants’ of productivity and entrepreneurial spirit and property rights.

Keynesianism was the next crop of kudzu that spread the scourge of the unConstitutional coup. Year after year this invasive and suffocating unConstitutional coup became more pervasive.

Now the unConstitutional coup kudzu is so monstrous that it covers everything and liberty and justice are barely able to be sustained in what used to be a prosperous and free nation.

It will take hard work to eradicate this noxious weed. Property rights are essential because no one is going to go out and try to eradicate the kudzu nor be able to sustain that effort unless there is private property. Once there is private property that will be enough protection and incentive to uproot the kudzu and suppress its germination thereby restoring the prosperity of the Constitutional Republic.

States rights with the right of secession, and property rights recognized as human rights in the justice system are some of the first steps towards the eradication of the kudzu of the UnConstitutional coup.

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