Constitutional 'Rule of Law' Is The Noose!

The 'rule of law' still is on the side of those who aspire for a constitutional government in the United States. It is no wonder since the Constitution is the rule of law.

This is the unbroken circle that is at the heart of the revolution spearheaded by the Campaign For Liberty. This is the unbroken circle that the unConstitutional coup is trying to break.

This unbroken circle will be the noose around the neck of the unConstitutional coup that will squeeze and snap its wretched neck. All of its limbs that have reached out gluttonously all over the world to bribe and desecrate will go limp after a brief tremor.

Now all we have to do is round up the members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup. Peel away the veneer of 'the new administration' and find these termites, these economic terrorists!

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