The Dead Carcass Of Partisan Politics!

Can life be resurrected into a carcass?

The skeleton of the carcass is still in place and the rotting flesh is still clinging to the skeleton!

It is certain that a partisan political vehicle cannot in the long run contain and serve classical liberalism. At best it can only offer bits and pieces in the short run.

But since we are all about educating people about the principles of classical liberalism all receptive audiences need to be given what it is that they are seeking. There are certain roots in most of the political movements that are based on liberty and prosperity and justice. Classical liberalism appeals to those who value those roots.

Connecting awakened individuals to the Mises Institute will be perceived as a great gift by those who are truly seeking an education in classical liberalism. It will be very difficult (because of the incessant indoctination and propaganda of the ego-driven interventionists) for anybody to be educated in classical liberalism without that very wonderful tool (the Mises Institute) that is readily available to everyone on the planet.

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