'Deregulation' Is Way Too Feeble!

'Deregulation' is like seeing through colored glass partially, it is like being content with partial understanding or vision.

What is so alarming to say 'free market' unless it is way too earthshaking to the ones in control who will no longer be the ones ordaining the degree of regulation?

In a classical liberalism society the ignorance of prejudices of any and all kinds will significantly affect the degree of prosperity of those who are bigots.

It is that simple and there is no need for a discussion of 'regulation/deregulation' which means that the ego-driven interpreters and the ego-driven interventionists will be purged from the ever-advancing civilization.

Attrition will eventually end the injustices of prejudices. Meanwhile knowledge of the subjective nature of economics and the desire for liberty and justice will scornfully chase away the oppressive ego-driven.

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