END THE FED Is A Means Not An End.

END THE FED was gaining momentum but do you think that went unnoticed by the unConstitutional coup? This whole scheme of the bailout was purposely intended to make it appear that if the government (through its monetary vehicle) did not step in the economy would be destroyed. A fringe benefit for the unConstitutional coup of this scheme was the fact that the massive injection of money ('supported by taxpayers since their elected officials voted for it!') could be distributed to those who are a part of the support system of the unConstitutional coup.

There was a secondary movement that emerged as part of the total disgust of the less complacent taxpayers who found a voice and combined it with disgruntled bankers and prudent business people and a few in Congress who saw the obvious destruction of the Constitution and ethical commerce. These perceptive ones attributed the blatant theft to the Federal Reserve system.

Then to the rescue came the smokescreen of a newly elected President and the promises of manna from heaven. But look at the perpetuation of the means of sustenance for the unConstitutional coup being designed by the 'new' administration.

The media arm of the unConstitutional coup is definitely being used to expand as much as possible the smokescreen.

Since the END THE FED movement gives the appearance of an end that looks like anarchy it loses its potency. We need to make sure that the end looks promising (even if it has built into it the positive characteristics of anarchy). The end that replaces the oppression of ego-driven interventionism is a classical liberalism society in a worldwide classical liberalism civilization!

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