First to Declare A Victory For The UnConstitutional Coup!

This victory is certain. It matters not which candidate of the two arms of the unConstitutional coup wins because they are both a part of the same one party system orchestrated by the unConstitutional coup.

What else is certain is the continued pursuit of imperialism through militarism since the dollar can no longer be used to control other nations. Alternative currencies are now too evident and viable. This forces the hand of the power elite in charge of the unConstitutional coup, leading to warmongering.

Another certainty is the accelerated thievery precipitated by the counterfeiting by the Federal Reserve in collaboration with the Treasury Department. How else can the unConstitutional coup finance its welfare/warfare State? Inflation is the hidden tax that redistributes wealth to those who do the bidding of the unConstitutional coup.

Will any of the other members of the unConstitutional coup besides Henry Paulson show their faces during all the hoopla of the victory celebration? As they gloat maybe they will let down their guard and come out into the open so more of these traitorous and ego-driven interventionists can be identified.

Hopefully the victory of the unConstitutional coup will be short-lived. Maybe enough true patriots will gain a foothold across the nation as a fruit of this election to insist on an investigation to discover who are these 'economic terrorists' who are spearheading the unConstitutional coup.

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