Greenspan Is Guilty As Charged.

When someone is 'charged' it is technically an offense. When someone is 'guilty as charged' it is proven that the person took action that caused the offense.

Greenspan (others have also committed these 'crimes') is especially culpable since it is known that at an earlier point in his life he actually knew better. Greenspan is guilty as charged.

The offense is what? Since it is an offense it is impossible to separate it from the science of ethics. Ultimately it is impossible for the finite mind of a human (even when the finite mind teams up with a fast tool designed by a finite mind) or the finite minds of teams of humans to comprehend and encompass the infinite! The market with its subjective nature and its link with uncertainty is an example of our encounter with infinity. It is unethical to lie to oneself and to others about the unknowable intricate details of the market.

The interest rate is one of those intricate details. It is unethical for Greenspan and those like Greenspan (empirical, ego-driven interventionists) to deliberately corrupt a signal that natually dispenses justice.

Greenspan is guilty as charged.

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