New International Currency - Gold and Silver!

Why are the ego-driven interventionists conspiring to devise a new fiat currency when there already exists an incorruptible money system that is thousands of years old?

The key word is ‘incorruptible!’ These ego-driven interventionists cannot fathom the consequences to their monetary hegemony if a currency that is incorruptible - a sound money - was adopted by the people of the world. All of the sudden the only way they could steal would be visible instead of being hidden as inflation. All of the sudden they would be seen as criminals and fear for their lives in addition to losing the wealth that they accumulated from their unethical and scandalous acts of theft and war.

There is a common understanding universally held that cries out for a worldwide currency. It is absolutely necessary that the world currency be independent of political manipulation or else it will be the cause of injustices and wars. Gold and silver are commodity moneys measurable and verifiable in terms of weight. Historically their qualities as mediums of exchange made them the currency of choice universally.

The only ones opposed to the gold and silver standard are the ego-driven interventionists who could no longer counterfeit to enrich themselves at the expense of the masses. It is not that they are ignorant. They are ego-driven - seeking power - and unethical.

Reject the fictitious, vain, corruptible, valueless, fiat currency contrived by the oppressive ego-driven interpreters and the central banks that enable them. Now is the time to make it known that the best international currency is the one that is historically proven and is already universally recognized - gold and silver.

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