The Political Transition of 'Hope."

Here is the 'Change,' the transition:
We have these pent up anxieties (8 years) by a political class and their beneficiaries ready to take the place of the previously dominant political class and their beneficiaries. These dogs of the earth are drooling just contemplating the booty.

But, unbeknown to these ego-driven interventionists (because they actually believe the propaganda of economic fallacies that the unConstitutional coup proliferates) is the fact that the well has gone dry, the U.S. is bankrupt.

It will be quite bizarre to see and hear all of the absurdities foisted on the third class of people in the United States. Here are the three classes and their status:
  1. The political class in the dominant position with the primary rights of extortion and theft,
  2. The political class in the subordinate position with bottom-feeding rights of extortion and theft,
  3. The people not associated with the political classes who are victimized by the two parasitic political classes.
Since 'Hope' is part of the rhetoric, we can hope that the all-powerful economic equilibrium forces will sweep away these dishonorable, corrupt, and unethical ego-driven interventionists of both arms of the unConstitutional coup and expose the unConstitutional coup to the wrath of true American patriots.

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