"Read My Lips" Says Treasury Secretary Paulson.

"Read my lips:

Mission accomplished. The first stage of the nationalization of the banking and credit industries has been accomplished. And two more secondary effects:
  1. the banking and credit institutions have felt the heavy hand of their 'Lord' so they are fairly submissive now, and
  2. the general public is in a state of anxiety, near panic, and are very easily persuaded by our ready-to-go propaganda stating that we (their 'Lord') can 'save' them.

I can now go back to my lair and snuggle up to the rest of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup comforted by the thought that the media is under control, the politicians are content with the scraps we have thrown them, our counterfeiting operation is well oiled by our helicopter pilot (Ben Bernanke), and our military forces are too timid to turn against us (despite their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and DOMESTIC).

I deserve to be praised for my good work!"

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